Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Chances of Getting Your Google Ads Certification

To be certified in Google Ads you need to reach 80% in two Google Ads Checkpoints. These are free of charge and once you to pass the initial test you need to wait 24 hours until you are allowed to retake it. After that your certification is valid for twelve months, then you need to retest to make sure you’re up to date on all the new Google Ads features. This means that if your site has ads that are not featured in the Google Content Network, you’ll still have ads to sell, even though you haven’t reached the point where you can submit your site to the Content Network.
Your next step is to register your AdWords account and you’ll have to follow the instructions to set up the account. You’ll need to find the option to search for and install the Google AdWords Campaign Manager and follow the instructions to create your campaign. Once that’s done, you need to install the Google AdWords tracking code so you can track all your campaigns. There are also a few other helpful tips, such as creating your own unique landing page and choosing the right keywords. You may want to read a few tips from other AdWords advertisers to help speed up your conversion rates.
You’re now ready to take your Google Ads Certified cyprus exams. The exam includes a number of short questions, but there are several that test you on basic knowledge of online marketing. It does not test you on your knowledge of ad copy, however. That comes in the next couple of articles. If you find that you’re having trouble preparing for the exams, there are several tips and hints you can use in the meantime to help you nail your Google AdWords campaigns.