Delivery Questions To Ask When Ordering A Sofa Online

Shopping for a sofa online is a good idea, but of course, apart from assuming that you are buying from the right shop, you have to make sure that you know everything about the delivery. When you shop online, expect that you are staying at the convenience of your own home from choosing a sofa up to getting it. Hence, before finalizing your order, you have to make sure that delivery agreement is clear.
Abakus Direct Sofasfor instance delivers sofas right at the convenience of your own home, but needless to say, asking them questions about the delivery is important so your expectations are set clearly. Questions To Ask About The Delivery Of Your Sofa If you have questions, as long as it is valid, do not hesitate asking the shop about it. You are free to call them for clarifications as you would not want to regret ordering from their shop just because there was a miscommunication on the delivery. Here are some of the valid questions about the delivery you can ask:  When can it be delivered? When do you expect the sofa will arrive to your designated location? This is not to rush the delivery but to at least set your expectations. There are many factors that may delay the delivery, like the location, holidays and the availability of the sofa. If they can provide you with the exact time of the delivery, much better.  Delivery fee How much do you need to add for the delivery? Some offer free delivery, while there are some that charge minimal delivery fee. The size of the sofa as well as the proximity from their shop to your location may be deciding the factor of the amount that will be charged on the delivery.